Mobile phone voting for youth elections led to a large turnout in Wiltshire.
The county has always had a good turnout with previous elections attracting some of the highest in the country. Text voting has been used exclusively for the last five years.

This time 32,198 young people aged between 11 and 19 voted, a turn out of 55 per cent. Strict controls were in place to ensure there was only one vote from each mobile phone.

The elections were for the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) and Wiltshire’s Assembly of Youth.

Chloe Lintern, 14, representing Corsham North, said: “I enjoyed election week a lot. I got to talk to so many young people and canvas what I want to change in Wiltshire. I’m looking forward to making a difference for young people in Wiltshire and over the next three years.”

Among the issues discussed at the first meeting of the south west division of UKYP following the elections was a school curriculum.

The Youth Parliament is campaigning for a ‘curriculum for life’ which calls for the National Curriculum to be radically overhauled through a youth led review that helps develop young people’s political knowledge, better sex and relationship education, cultural awareness, community cohesion, finance skills and sustainable living.

Those elected were - WAY and UKYP reps: Josh Constable, 16, (Salisbury East); Aodhan Burnell, 14 (Salisbury East); Charles McGrath, 16 (Salisbury East); Jordan Green, 13, (Melksham, West) and Kieran Mulvaney, 15 (Chippenham North). Newly elected WAY reps: Caitlin Thacker, 14 (Trowbridge West); James Davies, 16 (Bradford on Avon West); Chloe Lintern, 14 (Corsham North); Hannah Kamphaug, 14 (Chippenham North) and Sam Gallacher, 12 (Amesbury East).