A set of autographs believed to be by The Beatles were among some of the treasures inspected by the Flog It! experts when BBC One’s popular antiques show came to Longleat House and Gardens last Thursday.

The show, hosted by Seend-based Paul Martin, gives people the chance to bring their antiques along for valuation by a team of experts, before some are picked for auction.

Westbury’s Barbara Maxwell brought along autographs by The Beatles, which she was given by her very first boyfriend in the early 60s, with the signature of John Lennon on a separate piece of paper with the word ‘Beatle’ in brackets.

Michael Baggott, who was one of three Flog It! specialists joining Mr Martin at Longleat, said: “The auction house will bring in an expert to look at the signatures. My estimate, if the signatures are confirmed as genuine, is that they will sell for up to £1,200.”

Sue Ashley, from Heytesbury, brought in a gold coin dug up by her father-in-law while he was ploughing land on the edge of Salisbury Plain more than 40 years ago.

The George III half guinea, dated 1774, was in extremely good condition and Mr Baggott estimated that the coin could fetch between £250 and £350 at auction.

Another interesting find was a set of bibles, which were brought in inscribed with the name William Vigor and a mystery coat of arms.

By chance, Wiltshire-based Flog It! director Fiona Scott’s family name on the paternal side is Vigor, a name which comes from the Somerset village of Hemington.

All of the items valued at Longleat will be auctioned at Henry Aldridge and Sons Auctioneers in Devizes on August 10, while everyone who went along to Flog It!

received a free valuation.