A group of 15 A-level students from Melksham Oak Community School went to a workshop at the Guardian offices in London to learn how to write a feature article – writes Sarah Rendell.

For all involved it was a learning experience that they will now apply to their English Language coursework.

Throughout the day they were supported by a journalist, Elli Narewska, and told to focus on a current news story.

They then had to build an opinion on a bigger issue relating to the news article. The stories chosen ranged from body image, surrounding the news story of the new Channel 4 programme Big Ballet, to the nature of love, based J K Rowling’s confession that she wanted Harry as Hermione’s love interest instead of Ron.

The morning was based on planning and layout and the afternoon focused headlines and straplines.

In four hours the pupils had come up with an idea, chosen the layout, written the article, chosen the picture and edited it and Elli said: “I am impressed by the quality of work that you have produced in such a short space of time.”

All the students were happy and commented that it had helped them improve their writing skills.

All in all a very successful day in London.