Building work at the new Castle Mead Primary School in Trowbridge has been completed, with pupils wishes buried in the building’s walls and floors.

Sixty children from Year 2 at The Mead Community Primary School in Hilperton wrote down their wishes for the new school and drew pictures of what they hoped the school would offer.

Mi-space, a division of The Midas Group, has created the £2.5million school on the Castle Mead housing development after The Mead Academy Trust was successful in its tender to run a new school in July last year.

Michael Gough, project manager for Mi-space, said: “The children drew some great pictures and wrote down lots of wishes.

"We buried the wishes under window sills, behind cut-outs for socket points and in wall cavities. They are dotted all over the school."

Wishes included hopes for friendly teachers, nice friends to play with, and no bullying, while others hoped the new school would have a good playground and nice fields to play in.

Tracy Boulton is assistant headteacher at The Mead and will be head at Castle Mead when it opens in September.

She said: “The site manager has marked on the plans where we have put them. We have a portfolio of all their wishes and know where they are so it is a delightful legacy.

“It came about as part of their learning. They were learning about buildings and doing local area studies, so it seemed appropriate to be part of that.”

The seven-classroom school will provide 210 pupil places and there is a sports hall, staff rooms, kitchens and offices. A nursery will also be added to the site to open in September.

There is also be a large playground outside and a football pitch, and space allocated for a future extension to enable the school to expand to cater for 420 pupils in future if the housing estate is extended and more residents move in.

Open days will take place at the new school on July 12 and August 9. For more information, visit