A TROWBRIDGE woman who entrusted her car to a Bristol airport parking company while her family went on holiday claims it was damaged when it was returned to them.

Anna Hudson, of Rodwell Park, handed over her Mazda 5 to WCP Park and Fly Bristol on August 1, before flying to Budapest with her parents and two children.

Mrs Hudson says when they returned home on August 10, they met the company’s meet and greet service, for the second year running. The driver was keen to leave and handed over the keys without waiting to see her booking ID form.

Upon leaving the Express Drop Off car park, she noticed a warning light on the car dashboard saying one of the doors was not shut properly.

When she pulled over outside the airport, she discovered that the rear bumper had been damaged, something that Mrs Hudson later found out would cost £1,183.50 to fix.

Despite protesting and providing all the evidence she could, Mrs Hudson said the company are being very unhelpful.

“They are seemingly doing everything they can to forget this ever happened. They make out that they are insulted that I even made this claim,” she said.

“They did not return my car in the same condition as when I left it with them. I sent them two photos of my mileage gauge, one taken on my arrival at Stoneberry House, where I gave them my car, and one taken when it was delivered to Bristol Airport Express Drop Off car park.

“These clearly show that my car was driven 15.7 miles whilst in their possession. I also included a Google map image showing the distance of 5.48 miles from Stoneberry House to Bristol Airport.

“Even allowing for driving around the secure site and Bristol Airport, this does not explain the excessive mileage travelled by my car.They also want to charge me £900 and another £50 per photo of their CCTV footage of their secure site but what if the damage caused by them occurred off site? I could pursue legal action but I do not think I can afford that.”

Manager Jana Dorickova said: “We cannot take any responsibility you are describing. It is stated in our terms and conditions that the customer must inspect the car and report the damage before driving away. I find the claim you are trying to make derogatory and with no substantiation.”