NEGLECTED play areas in Trowbridge that have fallen into disrepair will be given some ‘tender loving care’ after the town council agreed to manage them in a £50,000 deal.

Following year-long negotiations, Wiltshire Council have agreed to pay the town council £50,000 to take over the management of the remaining 24 play areas in Trowbridge, in addition to those already run by the town council.

Complaints were escalating across the town over the authority being unable to maintain equipment due to budget cuts, leading to play areas being fenced off and closed.

However the town council has stepped in and will take them over in early 2018 and plans are in place to get them up to scratch by the end of next summer.

"Many of these play areas were out of order, in need or repair or just left to rust so I am very pleased that we have taken them over and can give them some tender loving care," said Deputy Mayor Dennis Drewett.

"The money is there to do this so we look forward to getting them fixed up so that children can make the most of them again because complaints were growing over their condition."

The town council have also pledged to use another £250,000 over the next five years, £100,000 of which will come from Section 106 developer agreements, to bring the play areas up to scratch and to maintain them.

Cllr Peter Fuller said: "This is a good deal for the town, taking control locally of those things which local people want us to look after and will allow us to continue to invest in facilities and services for the town.

"The section 106 agreements from all the housing developments coming to the town will be a great help in managing them and bringing them up to scratch and the rest could come from council tax, grants or any other means."

"The Elm Grove Play Area, the one in Worsted Close and in Woolpack Meadows, among others, are wasting away and need to be fixed up as soon as possible."

The town council currently manages play areas in the Town Park, Grove Recreation Ground and Regent’s Place, one in Longfield, the skate park at Stallards and a BMX track at Lambrok.

Town clerk Lance Allan added: "Plans are already in place to re-open closed facilities and then enhance them further with money from developers, grants and contributions from the council tax.

"We should have all our local play areas back up to scratch by the end of next Summer and will then look at longer term investments totalling around £300,000 over the next five years."