IN response to a letter printed in the Wiltshire Times under the heading ‘Realising the truth’ from Pat Hayes, he/she appears to be yet another person unable (or unwilling) to understand the meaning of democracy.

There was nothing spiteful in my previous letter which he/she is complaining about – it was entirely factual. He/she states that the EU Referendum was motivated purely by internal politics within the Conservative Party – whom I have never voted for incidentally.

So just what does he/she think Ukip have been campaigning for over the last two decades and James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party before that?

And if the assertion was true then some leading members of the Tory Party have paid a high price for it – most notably David Cameron and George Osborne.

Remain die-hards like Pat Hayes appear unable to come to terms with the decision reached by the majority of people in the UK. Where is the evidence that ‘many people are now saying that if they had realised the truth they would not have voted to leave’?

And, as regards his/her comment about xenophobic attacks, I am sure that WT readers will look at recent events in Belgium, Germany and France and form their own opinions.

As the new Prime Minister has stated quite clearly and unequivocally ‘Brexit means Brexit’. So it is time for the minority to accept the result, deal with the consequences and move on.

Mike Stevens, Churchlands, North Bradley