I AM a loyal customer of Marks & Spencer and was delighted to have the new M&S open in Trowbridge. I previously used their Frome shop on a regular basis but this one is much bigger and has a much better selection of food, although sadly no clothing. 
When I visited the store this morning and went to get a ticket for my three hours’ free parking none of the machines were working. As the parking company is so aggressive when it comes to handing out tickets I went into M&S to let them know. 
They did not seem to be very interested and one chap told me that the machines had been out of order all weekend and if I got a ticket then I would have to appeal it with the car parking company. The car park was nothing to do with them! 
I am afraid I would beg to differ. If they don’t get to grips with the parking company and sort things out people will not go shopping there. I would have spent more time and money in the shop but as over 100 tickets were issued on the first few days of opening I quickly got a couple of items and left. I was not the only one. Although Frome is a smaller shop at least you can park with confidence.
Mrs Janet Bull
Tower Close