PLANNING has been put forward to put yet more houses in Westbury – this time it is 88 dwellings on land adjacent to Station Road. You try finding the plans on the planning page and they are invisible – is this a case of this being put forward on the quiet?
I wouldn’t put anything past the wast of space that are running this laughable council – they are trying to completely ruin the town of Westbury.
If you think I`m over-reacting look at the evidence – the council has refused to look into the problems at Westbury library (all they have done is lie about it!), they have sold our hospital and it now stands as an empty shell, more and more heavy lorries are clogging up Westbury roads and far too many cars cause traffic jams all hours of the day, the health clinic is worse than useless and can’t cope – need I go on?
Wake up Westbury residents – this council only cares about itself and unless we stand up to them, they will continue to turn a blind eye. Instead of Where everybody counts – it should read Where nobody counts.
Rachel Stroud
The Mews