I WOULD like to thank all the people of Bratton and the surrounding area for helping me get around over the last 10 years.
I have an electric mobile scooter, it can be a handful at times. I have had a cross-eye for over 40 years caused by an aneurysm from a bulge on the rear lower part of the brain which cannot be operated on, also now COPD caused by smoking and breathing too much dust and chemicals over the years.
At various times I go across roads and into the local shop etc, even the rubbish men let me go by and I ask them if there is room for me, with which I get a smile and ‘Not enough room today’.
All those concerned will know who they are, as I have several fond nicknames such as Old Cross-eye.
There is even a concrete post put by the Monday gang going into the church which has a picture of an eye with purple in one corner.
Thanks to you all.
Erick J Stokes