JAN Barley began an equine facilitated learning programme to help cancer patients and their families through a troubling time.

Jan, who lost her own father to cancer of the oesophagus in early June, set up the programme with a partner last year.

The methodology is based on teaching humans predators how to create a successful working relationship with a prey animal, using body language alone. The programme gives people enhanced awareness, improved communication skills, greater confidence and self esteem, assertiveness skills and much more.

Jan says: "Being around horses can in itself be thought-provoking. In my experience, I see that the nature of horses can help us to clarify confusion, and alleviate fears, by initially creating more of it!

"People develop strength of character and learn coping strategies. Many people discover a sense of who they are and what they really want in their life. For cancer victims this is a great help. It's a troubling time when the brain doesn't seem to know how to cope, and the road forward looks like a great empty highway with no road signs."

Workshops are £75 per person for a full day including lunch and refreshments. They are available to anyone that has or has had cancer, and also to friends and family.

"One major issue for many cancer victims is financial hardship," says Jan, "I am therefore seeking companies to sponsor free places, so that workshops can be available to those that might not be able to afford them. As a life coach, I also offer low cost coaching to groups or individuals.

"The workshops are a lot of fun. I have a wicked sense of humour, and there is always plenty of laughter. The horses seem to share my humour, even if no one else does!"

Can you help?

Jan is seeking a low cost rental property with accommodation and suitable equine facilities ideally in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire or Wiltshire. Call 0800 634 3320 or visit www.helpforbreastcancer.co.uk