A CONCERNED resident has warned that there will be more fatalities if Wiltshire Council does not install traffic lights at a notorious blindspot.

Last year, the Black Dog crossroads on the outskirts of West Lavington, near Devizes soared from 94th to seventh in the county’s most dangerous list.

Road campaigner, Michael Maxwell says that the council is “dicing with death” by not addressing the issues at the notorious blindspot.

In February this year, the local authority was given nearly £23m in funding to improve the county’s roads – Mr Maxwell says he wants less than one per cent of that for traffic lights at the crossroads.

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“Wiltshire is now on notice that if another fatality occurs at Black Dog I will submit to the coroner that Wiltshire Council bear part of the responsibility,” he said.

“Despite a recent poster campaign at supermarkets, shops and garages along the A360 from Shrewton to Devizes drawing more support, I get the impression Wiltshire are damping down expectations before a review of the consultation responses has even occurred.”

Wiltshire Times: Moment before an accident involving a school bus occurred at Black Dog crossroadsMoment before an accident involving a school bus occurred at Black Dog crossroads

The campaign for a safer junction picked up steam after Michael witnessed and photographed a collision involving a motorcyclist.

“I didn’t think they were taking it seriously,” he said. “I then see an accident and think that this is exactly what I’m saying and Wiltshire Council really needs to start taking it seriously.

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“This is where human flesh is going to be against the metal of a car at 40 or 50 mph and they’re just not going to survive.”

Michael said he has approached companies for quotes to install traffic lights at the notorious spot.

He believes there is the opportunity to have some of the work done at cost which would save the council money.

SSE electric quoted Michael £75,000 for the cabling but if the 500m of trench was dug at cost it would knock £60,000 off the bill.

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Cabinet member for transport, Dr Mark McClelland said: “We have recently completed a review of various options to improve the junction for all road users. These options were provided to the neighbouring parish councils for them to comment upon.

“Comments received are now under consideration, with a view to progressing a scheme which will seek to reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions at the junction.”

“Wiltshire Council remains committed to improving road safety and reducing road traffic casualties.”