A couple has won planning permission to build a five-bedroom house in Netheravon.

Mr and Mrs Robertson of Chardan, High Street applied to demolish two storage buildings on land near 118 High Street.

In place of the storage buildings the couple will be able to build the proposed five-bedroom house.

This is in spite of the council approving the plans, locally, the bid saw some objection.

Commentor Clare de Winton said: “This is a Conservation Area and does not need an architecturally inadequate house which is insensitive to the surrounding properties which are mostly 19th century.”

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“The Motor Garage, which is almost immediately opposite the site, approached the applicant some five years ago looking to either purchase or rent the land for inside and outside secure storage of vehicles,” said James Alexander Russell.

“We were rebuffed by the applicant who was not prepared to sell the site or lease it on any commercial terms. This was notwithstanding that we offered a 10-year lease in which we would conduct the necessary repairs.

“When we queried the logic of the applicant’s position the applicant commented at the time that it suited his intentions for the site for it to remain vacant.”