This one-man show performed by Maxwell Golden follows an MC’s journey from Cornwall to London, in which he meets a diverse variety of characters.

Golden’s ability to play over 40 characters using lighting, sounds and body language, from his birth to his final career as an MC in London, made the performance both fresh and creative.

His ability to involve the audience, especially in the opening of the show as he freestyled a rap entirely about the contents of their bags, demonstrated his talent as a performer. He kept the show light and humorous despite the serious undertones of his struggle to find fulfilment, which proved thought provoking and popular..

Whilst the performance is clearly aimed at young adults, the audience at Trowbridge Town Hall on Wednesday was a mix of all ages and the piece clearly can appeal to the wider public. This could be a result of his natural repartee with the audience and his ability to make his performance relevant to the community.M

Moreover it was clear that although a love of hip-hop would be an advantage, it was not necessary to appreciate Golden's talents. On its third national tour, A Country Boy’s Struggle brings an urban vibe to rural communities in the UK, making it a show worth seeing.

The show comes to Hardenhuish School in Chippenham on Friday (nov 23) at 6.30pm.