PUT together a farce that dates back to the Roman Empire, mix it with dialogue from the writers of a hit TV sitcom and the music of Stephen Sondheim and you have the recipe for a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

And that is what the Wharf Theatre in Devizes is offering to their patrons until this Saturday. Liz Sharman’s production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is blissfully funny, slick and sharp, with an excellent set, costumes and memorable songs.

Ms Sharman has assembled a large and talented cast, led by Jonathon West as the slave Pseudolus, whose intrigues on behalf of his master, the sex-obsessed Senex and his lovelorn son, Hero - but mainly for his own benefit - are the source of great comedy.

Mr West shows his natural flair for comedy in the role but so do the rest of the company, particularly Chris Underwood as his anxiety-ridden fellow slave Hysterium, Chris Smith as Senex, Lesley Scholes as his domineering wife, Domina, and John Winterton as the local brothel keeper, Marcus Lycus.

Then there are Hayley Baxter as the slave girl Philia, who is keenly aware of her own winsomeness, and Nick Swift, whose physique and comic flair perfectly suit the role of army captain Miles Gloriosus, who has purchased Philia and has come to claim his bride, much to the dismay of Hero, a winning performance from Tyler Bartlett, who has fallen head over heels in love with the girl.

John Craig as a geriatric Erronius, and Proteans and courtesans Natasha Parris, Jemma Gingell, Hereward Newton-Edwards, Julie Baker and Oli Beech complete this marvellous cast, with music provided by Victoria Warren and excellent lighting by Rob Bourne and Pete Winterton.

The show continues until Saturday, May 5 and tickets can be ordered online at www.wharftheatre.co.uk or on 03336 663 366. But hurry, they’re going fast.