Buggerall by Jon Trevenna: Three's Company at The Pound, Corsham Is it one of the ghosts in Under Milk Wood who cries out 'Isn't life a terrible thing, thank God?' Jon Tregenna's tribute to Dylan Thomas, Buggerall, nanages to catch the same tragi-comic richness of life in small-town Wales. (Spell Llareggub backwards, and you've got the title reference!). The tedium and tawdriness of 2011 is laid bare as local bard 'Typo' (Jeff Hughes) tries to create a Milk Wood for today. With texts, kissograms, takeaways and drunken stag nights, this is a land where blackberries have no reference to what grows on God's hedges. Three local Nogood Boyos ( Oli Hounsell, Matt Bragg and Iorwerth Mitchell) go on a fatal stag night drink-drive dash to answer a saucy text from Belle ( Victoria Wakefield) the bride (and mum) -to-be. This tragically wasteful incident reinforces the essential message of the original - respect and love your life, with all its bickering and banality while you've got it. Tregenna has won praise already for the 'clotted musicality' of his language, and the sheer poetry of poignant juxtaposition is there too. 'I feel my brain crying' at the corner shop order of Diet Coke, Weight Watcher's Veggie Bake and a Snickers as a treat. The three lads and the touchingly naive widowed bride are joined by Graham Paton who plays the Rev, who las lost his chapel to rich incomers and his faith in God to the emptiness of unanswered prayer. Pat Cannings plays Doollay Sal, who prays nightly to be saved from drunken louts, town tarts and takes comfort in her chip shop order of mushy pea fritters. Byan Sparkes and Jude Bucklow joing them and all play several roles, creating a whole community in this polished, rehearsed reading. Three's Company is a new local amateur group dedicated provide stimulating and challenging productions. Look out for more excellent fare in the future.