DOES anyone else think that after the most recent incident at Erlestoke Prison, where five staff were evacuated to hospital, the MP for Devizes should have visited immediately afterwards?
Perhaps it’s a case that she is afraid? If she is not, she should be. I am aware she has visited before but she must be aware that these visits are carefully managed to show her “the good bits” and shield her from the danger, filth and fear many staff are feeling.
Having worked at Erlestoke and having friends who were injured I felt the need to write to her and she couldn’t even be bothered to respond.
An office lackey did and only praised the work of the prison health services (for prisoners) and said Claire would continue to work with governors and ministers. What? Not going to speak to frontline staff? There’s a shock.
Thank goodness the young guy on the multi-storey was brought down safely and well done emergency services but I am not sure what Graham Payne is wanting? He asks for Wiltshire Council to look again at preventative measures yet says he’s not sure if anything would help someone that ill?
Maybe Graham should be banging the drum for help with mental health within Wiltshire because, clearly, if the emergency services were able to talk him down then professional, available help is one of the answers.
A determined jumper will ALWAYS find somewhere to leap from.
Ernie Clark takes a man and his dog, oh and a baby, to protest at Wiltshire Council improvements to a footpath of the new Hilperton gap road. He is furious that it has happened during the summer break but I can’t for the life of me work out why this makes a difference?
For one, this path is a bit of a luxury as it cuts off a very short walk to get to the northern dog walk fields and there is still plenty of access to the southern ones. But busy? Ernie, I walk that way every day, Monday to Friday at varying times, and, yes there are a few dog walkers but busy, no. Be honest, this is a way of keeping new housing on the agenda.
Mark Griffiths