A TEENAGE animal rights campaigner was ready to talk turkey when he staged a second protest outside KFC in Trowbridge the weekend before Christmas.

Former John O’Gaunt pupil Olly Tyler, 16, of Westwood, wore a £600 custom-made suit outside the branch at the Spitfire Retail Park, protesting against what he believes are poor conditions that factory hens are kept in.

Olly, who held a placard during his protest, said: “I received quite a lot of support.

“I had people coming up to me saying I was doing a good job as well as motorists beeping in support of my efforts.”

The activist held his first protest outside the store in October and was given an award by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals because of his commitment to the cause.

During his latest protest, he had intended to campaign on Saturday and Sunday but he didn’t return to the retail park for the second day after receiving some negative reaction.

He said: “Some aspects of my protest were disappointing as people chucked chicken wings and chicken nuggets at me, while one guy got out of his car and rugby tackled me.

“This wasn’t ideal but overall I still think it was a positive experience, although I don’t intend to protest in Trowbridge any more.”

Olly is currently supporting Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign and plans to do his next protest in Bristol.

KFC insist that its branches treat their chickens fairly.

A spokesperson said: “At KFC, we are committed to poultry welfare and we use only reputable suppliers, that are the same as the UK’s leading supermarkets and restaurants, which meet or exceed UK and EU regulations on quality and welfare.”