Young Box rocker Kyle Condon could be knocking on the door to success, after recording his first single at the age of 10.

The Box Primary School pupil, who suffers from ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome, first got the musical bug when he won the Box’s Got Talent competition at the village’s jubilee celebration last year, performing his version of Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

He said: “When I did the show, there were adults there and people who had written their own songs. I was really nervous, as I was first on, and I was the youngest person.

“I watch people on things like Britain’s Got Talent and they always cry. I thought I wouldn’t, but when I won it I nearly cried.”

Kyle was spotted at the show by Rob Bozas, who runs the nearby Real World studios and invited him to record his single.

Mr Bozas said: “When I first saw Kyle I was gobsmacked and really taken aback by this amazing performance.

“As long as he continues to enjoy what he does, we will help him to continue with his talent.”

Kyle said: “When I was younger, I always wanted to be a rock star.

“My friends are always saying it’s not really that cool, because they are all into Gangnam Style and new pop stuff, but I really like older rock music. Now I want to learn to play lots of different instruments.”

Kyle’s mother, Kaz Lammie, said: “Music really helps with his condition. We’ve noticed a big difference. When he is getting hyperactive, I will suggest he go play his guitar, to direct his concentration somewhere else.

“With Asperger’s, he is very obsessive, which is a good thing, because once he sets his mind to learning something he just goes on to do it.

“It has been really beneficial and it’s been a great focus for him. It’s been almost like a therapy.”

The youngster has been playing guitar for less than a year, since getting his first instrument for his birthday, and is keen to pursue a career in music.

Ms Lammie said: “We didn’t know he could sing before he went on the talent show. He chose the song because he likes the older rock stuff and when he started doing it, we realised he really can sing.

“Living in Box is such a fantastic opportunity. There are so many musicians around here and having the studio round the corner is ideal. Kyle sees musicians writing songs from start to finish, so he gets continued support.”

The sing is available to download from iTunes and Amazon. Proceeds will go towards charities supporting the two conditions.