Angry householders are far from mellow about new yellow lines appearing in Trowbridge.

By the end of this week, Wiltshire Council hopes to have finished introducing new parking restrictions, which will see more double yellow and single yellow lines in Trowbridge.

Jacqueline Szafran, 58, of Hilperton Drive, who parks in  nearby Stancomb Avenue, said: said: “It’s a ludicrous decision, this doesn’t eradicate any parking problems.
“It just shifts it elsewhere, I just don’t know what they are thinking.”

Some residents are also concerned that with fewer cars parked on the roadside motorists might be prone to speed.

Cynthia Berryman, 69, of Bradford Road, has seen the front of her driveway painted with double yellow lines, along with other stretches of the road which already had some yellow lines.

She said: “This has now opened up the road giving drivers a clear pathway to speed.”
But lines at Hazel Grove, near Grove Primary School, have pleased some families. June Sims, of Hazel Grove, said: “At peak times of the day the road is choc-a-bloc because of the thoughtlessness of parents when dropping off their children off.
“We had a fire officer down last week, who said there was no chance they could get a vehicle down the road if there was an emergency.”

Wiltshire Council said extra yellow lines in Trowbridge,  Melksham, Westbury and Warminster were to allow better access for emergency vehicles.

Where the yellow lines will go in Trowbridge.

*No waiting at any time introduced both sides: Aldeburgh Place, Ashmead, Avenue Road, Barn Glebe (main arm), Barn Glebe (access to Numbers 31-38), Bellfield Crescent, Bond Street, Bridge Street, Brown Street, Cavendish Drive, Charlotte Street, Delamere Road, Drynham Road, Drynham Road (access to Number 35a-35c), Dursley Road, George Street, Gladstone Road, Gloucester Road, Green Lane, Green Lane (access to Numbers 1-7), Hazel Grove, Holbrook Lane, Hungerford Avenue, Lambrok Close, Lambrok Road, Lamplighters Walk, Lower Court, Lowmead, Manton Close, Nightingale Road, Rutland Crescent, Sheridan Gardens, Stancomb Avenue, Stancomb Avenue (access to Numbers 3-15 Hilperton Road), St John’s Crescent, St Thomas Road, Studley Rise, Sycamore Grove, Waterworks Road, Westbourne Gardens and Wingfield Road.

*No waiting introduced parts of: Innox Road, Brewery Walk, Lark Down, Wiltshire Drive, Avondale Road, Kennet Way, Timbrell Street, College Road, Henderson Close, Swallow Drive, Welsey Road, Clarendon.

* No waiting extended both sides: Carlton Row, College Road, Gloucester Road, Lambrok Road and Stancomb Avenue.

* No waiting extended north east sides: Dursley Road, Drynham Road, Eastbourne Road, Wesley Road, Clothier Leaze.

* No waiting extended east side: Manor Road, north and south west sides: Westbourne Gardens.