Lord Bath was nowhere to be seen on Saturday, when he snubbed the marriage of his son, Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, to Emma McQuiston at Longleat House.

The Marquess of Bath boycotted the ceremony, along with Ceawlin’s mother, after falling out with his son over the removal of his murals from the walls of the nursery suite in Longleat House.

Instead, the 80-year-old Marquess went to another wedding in Hampshire, where he saw professional polo players Heloise Lorentzen and Sean Wilson-Smith tie the knot.

The 38-year-old heir to Longleat married Miss McQuiston, daughter of a Nigerian oil tycoon, in a ceremony with 300 guests present in the Orangery at Longleat House.

The groom’s sister, Lady Lenka Thynn, gave a reading.