Fibromyalgia suffers from Warminster raised concerns about the support they receive at a meeting with MP Andrew Murrison last Friday.

Warminster and District Fibromyalgia Support Group, also known as the Fibro Friends, asked to meet Dr Murrison to discuss recent changes to the NHS care system and the services available to them.

Fibromyalgia is a widespread pain and fatigue disorder and symptoms include difficulty sleeping, headaches, muscle stiffness and sensitivity to lights and sounds.

During the meeting, at the Wessex MS Therapy Centre, the group also said they were concerned that not enough research into fibromyalgia was being done in the UK, and how some GPs still do not recognise it as a legitimate medical condition.

Group co-ordinator Francis Ballinger, 69, said: “We also made the point that there are problems with the facilities being provided in the area.

“Fibromyalgia is a long-term illness and we need consistency in treatment, but that is just not happening at the moment.

“There is also a problem in terms of medical education because there are still doctors who don’t take fibro seriously, so the more awareness we can raise the better.”

Dr Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire, said: “It was a very useful meeting and we covered a lot of ground in relation to both local health care problems and issues with a more national dimension.

“People are becoming more aware of fibromyalgia. It’s previously been dismissed, but there is now a better understanding of what it means. It was great to get some first hand experiences.”