Do you know you tricks from your trumps? Your rubbers from your ruffs? If you know that aces are high and 13 points mean a strong hand then you may well be exactly what a bridge tournament is looking for.

The tournament, which runs from now until March 2014 and raises money for Dorothy House Hospice Care in Winsley, is in desperate need of new bridge players.

The season has just started but new players are very welcome as long as they can fit in all their games before the end of March 2014.

One of the organisers is Ann Cook from Bathwick, who explained: “The Pip Dewey Bridge Tournament runs through the winter until the end of March and entails playing around 5 games of 20 hands of bridge against likeminded bridge players. Whilst playing you have the pleasure of supporting Dorothy House with a donation of £20 (or more) for each player. If someone has no partner, we will do our darnedest to find one. We have been going over 20 years, and we don’t intend to stop now.”

Games are held in Bath and surrounding villages. The game is Rubber Bridge over 20 hands with six pairs playing at each match. Each player will be involved in five matches over six months.

New players are most welcome. Please contact Ann on 01225 316251 or Joan on 01225 446465