Melksham's Community Campus project moved a step closer this week, as the public had the chance to see the plans for the multi-million pound development.

The campus, to include a new library, swimming pool and sports centre, will be built on the Melksham House site, which will be integrated into the development. Melksham Football and Rugby Clubs will be moved to a new development at Woolmore Farm.

Plans for the campus, which is due to be completed by autumn 2016, were displayed on Monday and Wednesday at Melksham House and the Assembly Hall.

Project manager Richard Pearce was at the Monday session. He said: “So far I think people are generally positive, which is very encouraging.

“I am hoping it’s more about tweaks than wholesale changes at this point, but we want to make sure everyone has had a chance to voice their concerns before we submit the plans, which we’re hoping to do before Christmas.”

The plans include 200 car parking spaces and would see the Market Place outside the Town Hall pedestrianised.

Many residents came to see the plans and leave comments.

Doug Tuckerman, from Melksham, said: “It’s an exciting project, and I think it will bring more life to the town centre.”

Roy Hawker said: “We use the facilities to play bowls, and it’s certainly going to better than what we already have.”

The final consultation is on Monday at the Christie Miller Sports Centre, 9am to noon.