A SENIOR judge from a village near Melksham has been singled out by the pressure group Fathers 4 Justice in a campaign targeting judges they believe are treating dads unfairly.

The Judgebuster Campaign has singled out 10 judges who they label as Britain's worst judicial offenders'.

Their personal details, including addresses, have been published on the internet.

Sir Mathew Thorpe, from Seend, is deputy head of family justice and is the fourth most senior judge in the Court of Appeal in London. He has been singled out because of his position in the family courts, which Fathers 4 Justice believes is unfairly treating men who want access to their children.

The group said there was a strong possibility of protests in the area and said several former members had rejoined because of the campaign. It aims to get the court system changed so family court judges are removed and replaced with family magistrates.

It also wants family courts to be open and believes there should be a presumption of equal access by both parents when court proceedings begin.

Guy Harrison, of Fathers 4 Justice, said: "We want to name and shame them rather than them standing behind the name of the family courts, so people know where they live and what they've done. Family court judges should be gunned for state sponsored child abuse."

A spokesman from the Judicial Communication Office, said: "The Government has recently consulted on whether family proceedings should continue to be heard in private, and many judges responded to the consultation by supporting greater transparency including allowing the media access to provide anonymised reports of proceedings, to improve public confidence.

"Judges in family courts undertake a difficult task with complete fairness and impartiality. Their judgments are based on the whole of the evidence presented to them on an individual case.

Fathers 4 Justice has been responsible for many high-profile publicity stunts including powder-bombing Tony Blair in the House of Commons.