Winsley's war memorial is being renovated as part of preparations to mark the centenary of the First World War.

The parish council was given £1,300 by the War Memorials Trust to replace the stones and re-paint the 13 men’s names engraved on it.

Parish councillor Ed Gilby said: “There is a ceremony on Armistice Day every year, so the war memorial is very active.

“This year it will be particularly important so we must make sure that it is maintained and not left to deteriorate.

“The main shaft is in good condition, but there are problems lower down.”

The War Memorial Trust can only give a 50 per cent grant, so the rest has to be raised by the parish.

The Seven Stars pub in the village raised £450 with a Christmas quiz evening but donations are still needed to find the remaining £850.

People have been asked to hunt out material related to the First World War so an exhibition can be held on the weekend of August 2.

Items already submitted include Christmas cards from the King and Queen and medals.

Phillip Bush, of Ashley Lane, who helped to set up the village committee, said: “We have collected quite a lot of things.

“We have photos of people who were involved; who died, served and took part in very important roles such as nurses, and we also have various artefacts including a bullet fired at a man who saw actionat Gallipoli.

“We will remember those who were related to people in the village. We will try to tell their story.”

People have been asked to plant poppies and the exhibition will also go into local schools.

There will also be a church service and ceremony at the war memorial, a tea hosted by the WI and showings of classic war films.