A TWELVE hour CPR marathon is taking place in Westbury to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support as well as to teach people the life-saving skill.

The event, taking place on May 2 at The Lopes Arms, on Market Place, is being organised by The Brainbox Academy which has been trying to get CPR, or artificial respiration, taught as part of the national school curriculum for the past six years.

The training provider, which provides courses on food hygiene, first aid and fire safety, is keen for as many people as possible to learn CPR and to attend the fun and informative event.

Kevin McKinley, managing director of The Brainbox Academy, said: “We’re hoping to get more people committing to doing it as the date gets closer.

“We want to raise awareness, the more people who know how to do CPR the better.

“We get people who tell us that what we have taught them has helped save someone’s life, that’s the real buzz doing what I do.”

Three dummies on which CPR can be tautght, known as Resusci Annes, will be there on the day, two of which will be used as part of the marathon with volunteers doing two-minute stints for as many times as they can.

The third will be used to show people how to perform CPR and plans are being put in place to get magicians and other attractions at the hotel to make it a more family friendly event.

Westbury Mayor Christine Mitchell has also been invited to attend and to perform the first CPR procedure on the Resusci Anne.

Amanda Wingrave, accounts and marketing manager at The Brainbox Academy and organiser of the event, said: “CPR is becoming more and more recognised due to recent adverts and news events, but the fact this helps save lives every day is the reason we chose this for a fundraising event.

“Saving lives and MacMillan Cancer Support go hand-in-hand.

“When people are faced with the question of ‘what would you do if?’ the majority of people would want to know CPR and at least try to save a life, rather than to stand back and do nothing.

“This event will not make everyone first aid qualified but it will certainly give everyone the chance to learn CPR and to practise, while raising money.”

Jeff Brodie, owner of The Lopes Arms, said: “I would love the place to be so full we can’t let any more people in, it would be brilliant having that many people here.”

To donate text CPRM99 and the amount to 70070 or contact The Brainbox Academy on 01225 667 909 or email enquiries@brainboxacademy.co.uk