MEMBERS of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon will travel to London next week to take part in the largest mass lobby of Parliament on climate change in UK history.

Some 15 members will make the trip on Wednesday to visit MP Michelle Donelan and quiz her on how tackling climate change fits in with her policies for the town then join the rally, part of the Speak Up For The Love Of campaign.

Jane Laurie, a member of Climate Friendly Bradford, said everyone involved will be taking along something which represents what they are most concerned about due to the effects of climate change.

“Climate change is the greatest threat facing the world and there isn’t much time to make any change about it,” Ms Laurie said.

“Our MP for Bradford on Avon is new and we do not know what her intentions are for it." David Cameron signed a cross party pledge before the General Election to tackle climate change and it is a matter of finding out what Michelle thinks and what she is proposing to do about it.”

Thousands of people are expected to turn up at parliament next week. and Richard Craft said it is important people take notice of how important the lobby is.

Mr Craft said: “For me, I think the environment is what I am most concerned about because we are seeing the loss of seasons, which are all over the place at the moment, and that is a threat to the planet for future generations.”

“I think this trip will bring home to people how important Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon take it but also to show how reliant we are on products in the supermarket which could be affected by climate change.”