WESTBURY mum Naomi Paterson has received an apology from parking enforcement company UK Parking Control, after being given a parking fine during a visit to the Odeon Cinema in Trowbridge.

The mum-of-six visited the cinema at St Stephen’s Place with her three youngest children at the end of June to see Minions and parked her car in the car park, which gives visitors three hours free parking with a ticket.

However, when she returned to her car she discovered that she had been given a fine, despite her nine-year-old daughter Megan getting a ticket and placing it in full view on the car dashboard.

The 38-year-old wrote to the enforcement company UKPC and was initially told that her £60 fine could be reduced to £15 if she paid straight away, but Ms Paterson has now been told the fine has been cancelled and she has received an apology.

“They sent me an email to let me know that they have cancelled the parking charge and then I received a letter of apology on Tuesday (Sept 1),” said Ms Paterson.

“It is a big relief for me and I’m absolutely chuffed. It was obvious that they were in the wrong and for them to suggest that I should pay £100 despite having a ticket was absolutely ridiculous.

“I have looked into it more and they have no right to enforce the fine, but they get people on the fear factor. They have no legal standing, even though they say they will take you to court.

“I know lots of people who have just paid the fine as they don’t want the hassle, but I’m delighted they have now apologised. If I’m desperate I may use that car park again, but I would rather pay for one of the others to avoid using it.”

It is not the first time visitors to St Stephen’s Place have complained about UKPC’s parking enforcement, with the firm repeatedly coming under fire from motorists since the leisure complex opened at the end of 2013.