DISUSED buildings at the former Westbury Lafarge Cement Works site – including the 122-metre chimney – are to be demolished so that the site can be used for other purposes.

The site, which was mothballed in 2009 and is currently owned by Tarmac, includes two kilns and an adjoining chalk pit and it is hoped the demolition of the buildings will provide a more attractive site for potential developers and prepare it for alternative uses.

The storage and transfer of cement is still done on part of the site which will remain in place once the buildings are removed.

Jonathan Toyn, senior estates manager at Tarmac said: “We have today submitted a Prior Notification to Wiltshire Council for the demolition of the majority of the site. 

“We intend to demolish all buildings that no longer have an operational use while the existing cement distribution operations are proposed to remain in use and unchanged.

“To ensure the minimum effect on our neighbours, the proposed demolition will be in accordance with strict controls and regulations which will be enforced by our site staff.

“The main access to the site will be to and from the A350 Westbury Road via the existing main access gate.

“Demolition traffic will be prohibited from using routes other than those approved by the planning process which will be defined by appropriate signage.

“Normal site working hours will be 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday. 

“Strict environmental measures will be applied and monitoring will be undertaken particularly with residential properties located adjacent to the works site entrance and the existing farm to the north of the site and other properties further afield.  Dust, and noise will be kept to a minimum.”