THIS is the moment an Unidentified Flying Object was caught travelling above one of Wiltshire's most iconic landmarks.

The UFO was captured by Trowbridge amateur photographer Glyn Coy while flying his drone above the Westbury White Horse on Saturday at 3.17pm.

The 43-year-old's footage shows an unknown white object travelling at speed towards the drone before disappearing from view.

“I was a bit surprised and I didn’t register it at all when I first saw it as I was filming it live on to my iPad," Mr Coy said.

“I saw something white go across the across the screen and thought it might be a bird but when I took it home I realised it was travelling too fast to be a bird.

"I absolutely don’t know what it is, I’m totally sceptical when it comes to UFOs and that sort of thing but I genuinely don’t know what this is. There must be an explanation.

“You can see it coming from quite a distance away, probably a couple of miles, but it’s out of the image in a matter of seconds.

“Someone suggested it was something military but if it was I don’t know what tech it was.”