PARANORMAL experts have been called to a pub in Warminster after weeks of unexplained phenomena have left its new management terrified.

Jackie Mansell, 45, is seeking professional advice after weeks of mysterious incidents, including being grabbed while in the shower, since she took over tenancy of the Masons Arms in East Street, in March.

Other bizarre occurrences include a series of slashes down a newly refurbished wall, music coming from no apparent source, cold patches, curious smells, and doors unlocking on their own.

Warminster's own supernatural investigators, UK5 Paranormal will be holding a séance at the pub in July to determine any supernatural causes.

Miss Mansell, whose 16-year-old daughter, Kirsty, also lives with her in the pub, said: "The worst thing that happened was when I felt as though I had been grabbed on the back on the neck while in the shower. That freaked me right out. I jumped out of the shower covered in bubbles and ran up the stairs. I'd had a horrible feeling that someone had been watching me before it happened.

"Also, one night, at about 1am, I heard a tambourine playing, but I couldn't find out where it was coming from. I was with an old friend in the bar and it just wouldn't stop. My friend went home petrified."

Other peculiar events include crisp boxes flying off the shelves, orbs of light seen around the bar and doors found unlocked and lights on after they had been switched off and locked before the family had gone to bed.

Miss Mansell said: "We had the bathroom wall plastered and left it to dry overnight a while ago. When we went back the next morning it was like there was three thin blade marks like someone had dragged a Stanley knife down the wall. It is quite high up and no one had been in that room. I can't explain it.

"I am very sceptical about things like this but it really has frightened the life out of me. I didn't believe in all of this stuff before I came to the pub but now I just don't know what to think."

The executive founder of UK5, Ray Jorden, of Ferris Mead, Warminster, said: "When a place gets redone or renovated you will find that it can disturb the natural flow and fabric of the building and this can at times cause any kind of phenomena to make itself aware to others who live in the building.

"There are many areas of this location that we feel excited about investigating and will be setting up many experiments such as a triggerometery, motion sensors, live web-cams, locked off cameras in active rooms, temperature sensors and much more."

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