NEARLY 18 months since it went missing, Penny Fairclough said she could not believe her luck to find an earring she inherited thanks to the help of Trowbridge and District Metal Detecting Club.

Mrs Fairclough, of The Butts in Bratton first misplaced her late auntie’s earring after her daughter’s birthday party in 2014.

“I lost the earring about 18 months ago and I was sure that it was in my garden or my neighbour’s garden,” the 67-year-old said.

“We searched and searched and couldn’t find it and it seemed ridiculous that we couldn’t find it.

“We then thought about getting a metal detector and we googled it and eventually found the Trowbridge Metal Detecting Club and they offered this retrieval service.”

The retired teacher said after getting in touch with the Trowbridge Metal Detecting club, she didn’t feel optimistic it would be found but hoped for the best.

“David Rees, the chairman of the group said to me to be realistic and that it was quite possible they might not be able to find it so I was quite surprised when it turned up because they were my last resort,” she added.

After inheriting the gold and pearl Mabe earrings some years ago, Mrs Fairclough was over the moon that detectorist Nigel Wright was able to find the missing one.

“I am really pleased and the earring belonged to my auntie and I didn’t want to lose one and there is nothing sadder than only having one earring within your set.

“My auntie left it to me in her will and it was very much something that reminded me of her. I meant a lot to me and it meant that much that I had to find it.

“I didn’t know where she got it from and she had it for as long as I can remember.

“Nigel came all the way from Chippenham and I couldn’t believe he found it really.We were worried that if it was there for too long, it would have sunk down into the soil without a trace.”

Mr Wright was able to locate the earring, although in two broken parts, within half an hour, which he said was pure luck.

The 66-year-old of Awdry Close, Chippenham added: “I was very lucky in finding it so quickly and it was on the gravel pathway so it was easy to miss.

“I struck luck but unfortunately the earring was broken but I managed to find both pieces.

“Over the years, I have attended a few of these things and nine times of out 10 we are successful and it is nice to see the smiles on the people’s faces.”

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