A DISTRAUGHT grandmother wants greater support for people with mental health issues after her grandson, who suffered from depression, committed suicide last week.

Leo Kovacs, 22, who according to his grandmother Eva was bullied at Trowbridge College for having no hair after being diagnosed with alopecia at 16, hanged himself in his Brabant Way house in Westbury on Monday, May 9.

After his dog Albie was put down, life became too much for the troubled man, whose mum died two years ago, and he took his own life four days later.

His 71-year-old grandmother, Eva Kovacs, of Danvers Way in Westbury, tried to get support for him but claims that nobody would take her concerns seriously.

Mrs Kovacs said: “I tried everything but nobody would help. I could see that he wasn’t well at all, he never left his room and didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed in the morning.

“I asked staff at the White Horse Health Centre in Westbury and Green Lane Hospital in Devizes to go to his house to talk to him, and they said he had to make an appointment and go to the doctor himself as he was an adult.

“But he was too depressed to leave his own bedroom, let alone walk to the doctor’s surgery and sit in a waiting room. I told them that he might commit suicide and they still did nothing.

“I just wish someone had gone and talked to him sooner, to try and change his mind, but nobody did and now he’s gone forever.

“I haven’t been able to sleep or eat all week. I just want to see him one more time, but I can’t.

"It's just so sad, he was such a wonderful grandson."

Before being diagnosed with alopecia, the former St Augustine’s pupil was a keen footballer and played in goal for Trowbridge Wanderers.

He wanted to be a police officer or work in the Army when he was older, but left his Trowbridge College course early after being bullied and losing confidence.

On Monday, May 9, his uncle Peter knocked on Leo's front door and after there was no answer, he looked through his letter box to see the 22-year-old hanging in the hallway.

In a note he left behind before hanging himself, Leo wrote: “Dear Granny, ever since I remember, you have been the most loving and caring person.

“I love you so much. You are an amazing person and I will never forget you. But now my time has come… I am not leaving you, far from it. I am simply going to join mum, Albie and grandpa."

Mrs Kovacs' call for help coincides with national Mental Health Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the problem.

Dr Debbie Beale from the White Horse Health Centre said: “We are unable to comment on individual patients, and it would be wrong to do so now.

"Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time for them.”

Leo's funeral will take place on Monday, May 23, in Westbury.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling to cope and not feeling your best, contact Samaritan’s 24-hour telephone number on 116 123.