AN angry resident is taking Wiltshire Council to the Small Claims Court after he claims a poorly kept traffic island damaged six cars, including his grandson’s, when they drove into it.

Nigel Linge’s grandson, Charlie Comer, was driving into Warminster along Weymouth Street when he hit a traffic island last October, causing nearly £300 worth of damage to his car.

The bollard which was on the island had been removed which, Mr Linge claims, made the island very difficult to see as his grandson, and five other people, approached it.

Mr Linge, 62, said: “Wiltshire Council confirmed that the traffic island damaged six cars in the space of 40 minutes that evening but said they wouldn’t pay for any repairs to be made.

“The island was very difficult to see as leaves were covering it and the bollard wasn’t there to warn people.

“I asked the council if they had swept that bit of road and they said it hadn’t been done in three months. They have been negligent and have failed in their duty under the Environmental Protection Act to keep the highway free of detritus.

“Not only that, but they also made it very difficult for me to make a complaint. It wasn’t until one month after calling the council that they sent me the documents I needed to make an official complaint and then they took even longer to acknowledge that my complaint had been registered.

“I think the council hopes people will give up with their complaints, but I’m willing to take it further.”

Mr Linge says that, as Warminster FC were playing at home, Weymouth Street had parked cars on both sides of the road, so people had no choice but to drive in the centre of the road.

A spokesman from Wiltshire Council said: “We regularly inspect our highways, however we welcome the support of members of the public in reporting issues we may not be aware of. They can report it through MyWilts app or by calling 0300 456 0105 and we will investigate it.”