MEMBERS from Keep Wiltshire Frack Free (KWIFF) spoke with the Green Party’s MEP for the south west at the Tolpuddle Festival on Saturday, July 16.

Molly Scott Cato visited KWIFF’s stand at the Dorset festival and spoke with group members Marie Hillcoat, Delia Aslan and Margaret Cavanna from Trowbridge, Warminster and Westbury Frack Free sub-groups.

They discussed how leaving the European Union might affect the likelihood of fracking in Wiltshire.

Mrs Cavanna, from Dilton Marsh, said: “She was interested that we have taken an initial look at the range of Wiltshire businesses that could be adversely affected by fracking, including agriculture, travel, tourism and hospitality.

“This contrasts with many of our council representatives who seem to be placing short-term inducements above the long-term prosperity of residents.

“It was good to hear that Molly will do her utmost to promote sustainable jobs in clean industries, including new energy technologies, across the West during her remaining time at the European Parliament.

“Creating jobs in industries such as fracking would be short term and unsustainable, as well as carrying with them the risk of damage to people’s health, environment and livelihoods.”

KWIFF will continue to raise awareness with several film screenings across the county including the documentary ‘Groundswell Rising’, and the launch of a new film, partly filmed locally.

They will also be asking every councillor whether they support a ban on fracking in Wiltshire, as they believe people will want to know this at election time.

News has reached the group that oil and gas company South Western Energy are taking up their licence in the Forest of Dean, and they now await information from the Oil and Gas authority regarding the Wiltshire licence blocks.