BRATTON was transformed into an art exhibition at the weekend as residents opened up their gardens to display artwork from local artists.

Wire sculptures, floral art, live painting and more featured in nine gardens across the village on August 20 and 21, as the second ‘Art in the Gardens’ event was staged.

The first event took place in 2012 and was organised by Lucy Ellis as a way of saying thank you to residents for the way they treated her after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010, shortly after moving to the village.

She said: “The first event in 2012 was both a way to say thank you to villagers who were very supportive of me after I was diagnosed with cancer and a way of showcasing artwork from local artists.

“It went really well and the late associate priest's wife, Susan Wieck, said I should do another one.

“She sadly passed away from cancer last year, so this year’s event was in memory of her.

“There was a really nice atmosphere all weekend and lots of stunning artwork on display, so I’m pleased with how it went.

“Derek Kinzett, a wire sculptor from Dilton Marsh, had his woodland spirit sculpture on display which went down very well with visitors.

“It rained on Saturday but everyone got into the spirit by making cups of tea for each other and offering shelter.”

The event raised a total £750 which will be split equally between Macmillan, St James Church in Bratton and Innovation, a floral design group.