TALKS over holding Glastonbury Festival at Longleat in 2019 have broken down.

Earlier this year, speculation surfaced that the safari park could be a potential new home for the festival after festival founder Michael Eavis said he planned to hold it at a different location, 20 miles away from its usual home of Worthy Farm, due to land ownership issues.

But that move now looks highly unlikely after Mr Eavis told The Telegraph that discussions have fallen through with Longleat owner, Lord Bath, and his son, Ceawlin Thynn.

In the interview in The Telegraph, Mr Eavis said: “Longleat probably won't happen anymore.

"Lord Bath is really keen. I went to him because I knew him when he was a boy. But he and his son aren't agreeing, and they don't speak very much, so it's hard to make decisions.

“I haven't been able to sit down with all of them at the same time.

"Ceawlin and Emma (wife) don't like the mud. They saw the mud at its worst. They were supposed to come and see it all cleaned up on September 1, but they didn't turn up."

"They let me down gently about their decision. I went round to their house and we had a very long discussion.

“They said to clean up all that mud, they'd have to restrict the whole of the operations at Longleat for about three months and it's too expensive."