RESIDENTS of Sandridge Park were outraged after discovering a sign had been built at the site for a new housing development, wrongly naming the new estate Sandridge Park.

People living in Sandridge Park were shocked to discover that a Barratt sign had been built on the development site in Sandridge Common calling the area Sandridge Park, when it was supposed to read Sandridge Place. The development site, which has received outlined planning permission, will see up to 100 homes being built.

Dylan Watkins, 43, of Sandridge Park, said: “There are signs up calling the site Sandridge Park, the Sandridge Park Association is up in arms about this. There was no consultation about calling it this name, Sandridge Park has been an estate in Wiltshire since 1856. I spoke to the press officer at Barratt and said that I would be a piranha around his ankles until this is changed. I even bought shares, as a shareholder they would have to listen. I was prepared to not let them call it Sandridge Park."

Other residents of Sandridge Park were relieved to discover that the site wasn't supposed to be named after their estate, claiming that it would've been confusing.

Patrizia Solari, 59, of Sandridge Park, said: "It is reassuring that it won't be called Sandridge park. It would have been crazy to call it that and very confusing. If there was a fire in one of the places then how would the fire crews know which one to go to?"

Although there are worries about the naming of the development site, Barratt Homes has confirmed that this is not the intended name for the new estate, with the sign only being put there for marketing purposes. On the Barratt website the development is named Sandridge Place, which is what the sign was originally supposed to read.

A spokesperson for Barratt Homes said: "The site to the north of Sandridge Common was purchased by Barratt Homes last year following the approval of outline permission for up to 100 new homes. The development will be marketed under the name of Sandridge Place. We apologise for any confusion regarding the current hoardings at the site which have an incorrect name on them, they will be changed shortly."

Melksham Without Parish Council has also tried to allay any fears over the name of the site, confirming that the decision has to go through Wiltshire Council.

Teresa Strange, clerk for Melksham Without, said: “It won’t be allowed to be called Sandridge Park as there is already a place named that, the Parish Council is also involved in the naming process. The developers have to consult with Wiltshire Council before any name is decided and postcodes are arranged for the new homes.”