LONG-STANDING Trowbridge councillor Helen Osborn has resigned from her position as a councillor for Wiltshire Council due to ill health.

Mrs Osborn was admitted to the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital just weeks before the death of her husband, councillor Jeff Osborn, in April last year.

Ever since she was elected to the council in 1999 she was a ‘passionate’ councillor and will be very sadly missed, say fellow councillors.

Cllr Ernie Clerk, chairman of Wiltshire Council’s independent councillors, said: “She was a very good councillor for a number of years.

“With her retirement and the passing of Jeff, it’s the end of the Osborn dynasty in the area.

“She was passionate about healthcare and always put the welfare of residents first.

“The independent group is sad to see her go and we hope she keeps in touch.”

Mr and Mrs Osborn married in 1967 before having two daughters together.