A CELEBRATION of more than 146 years of military history took place at Basil Hill Barracks in Corsham on Wednesday.

Old boys joined serving personnel at the military base in Park Lane to honour the re-formation of the 10th Signal Regiment.

The regiment can trace its origins back to Scotland in 1859 but after many glorious years was disbanded in 1987. It was re-formed in 2002 and exactly five years on the unit held an anniversary get-together with a parade and a chance for serving soldiers and former members to compare notes.

There are 500 military personnel and 100 civilian staff within the five-squadron regiment, which is involved in the protection of troops in the field using the latest technology.

Major David Duggan said: "Members of our regiment are dispatched to attach themselves to serving battalions in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. We currently have around 40 troops out in the field as we speak.

"Our primary role is to provide day-to-day communications systems and all that that entails including cabling and telephones.

"We also provide specialist support to expeditionary forces and our technological capability, whilst superb, cannot be discussed in detail. It is incredibly smart stuff.

"We're very happy to have some of the old boys with us to celebrate our history and continued future."

After the recent failed terror attacks in London and Glasgow, security at the base was higher than normal. There was a heavy police presence for the duration of the celebration, with a police helicopter circling overhead. A sign at the base entrance indicated that security was "heightened".

Cliff Wood, 78, served with the regiment in 1968/69 and came from Ashford in Middlesex to watch the parade in Corsham and meet his modern-day counterparts.

He said: "My time with the regiment was very pleasant. I am very impressed with the technological know-how the troops possess."

Dennis Aldous, 82, from Hampton, served with the regiment at the end of the Second World War in Kent and France.

He said: "It was called the 21st Army Group Signals in my day but it's good to see the regiment is still going strong."