A MAN is appealing for information after claiming his girlfriend was "left to die in the road" after being knocked to the surface by a speeding motorist.

Eko, 36, said his girlfriend, who wants to remain anonymous, was cycling from Bradford on Avon to Trowbridge yesterday afternoon (Monday, June 12) and was hit from behind as she turned off Cock Hill up Westwood Road.

The driver allegedly drove off without stopping to check if she was okay after the incident, at 2.30pm, and nobody helped the woman to her feet.

“My girlfriend said she indicated when she was by the bus stop, well in advance of the turning, and could sense that a car was behind her,” said Eko.

“As she turned off she was hit from behind which sent her flying across the road, scraping her face against the road and injuring her elbow. The car just drove off, which I find both depressing and astounding.

“If a car had been coming in the other direction, she easily could have died."

Eko took his girlfriend to the accident and emergency department at the RUH in Bath where X-rays revealed she had escaped serious injury, but skin was removed from her elbow and she still cannot move her hand, a day after being hit.

“We’re very fortunate that she didn’t break a bone; we look after ourselves and maintain a healthy diet, which I think prevented a more serious injury,” added Eko.

“She was very shaken up though and is now worried to get back out on her bike.

“There must have been people around who saw what happened, and I would love to hear from anyone who has information.

“Even if nobody gets in touch, I hope this at least raises consciousness and makes people think twice before speeding.

"Cars go way too fast down that stretch of road because people know there are no cameras. It needs to stop."

If you saw the incident, call Eko on 07858270072.