A WOMAN who has made repeated complaints about the internet speeds at Westbury Library says the service has not improved, despite Wiltshire Council claiming the connection has been upgraded.

Rachel Stroud, of The Mews, Westbury, uses the library computers to research family history, as she has no internet at home.

She says she has told Wiltshire Council about the problem with internet speeds several times but feels she is being ignored.

The 50-year-old said: “The problem started in 2013. I have been trying to get it addressed for a long time and have had to make several complaints, most of which have been replied to with an automatic response, and then ignored.

“This is not in anyway an attack on the staff at the library, they are all very good and have enough on their hands without having to deal with people complaining about the internet connection when it is not their responsibility. It’s just not fair on them."

Wiltshire Council claims to have fixed the problem, but Ms Stroud says this is not the case.

She said: “We pay our council tax and if they say they are going to provide these services they should maintain them properly.

“It’s typical, Westbury doesn’t take any priority with the council, they just forget about our little town.”

Cllr Darren Henry, portfolio holder for libraries, said: “We have upgraded the broadband line at Westbury Library and as a result, computers are now connecting more quickly and download speeds have improved.

“We have also installed a fifth computer in the library to alleviate congestion at peak periods.

“Since then we have only had one complaint and many satisfied users."

“We hope the public are benefitting from the PC computing services provided in our libraries and the general feedback we receive suggests this is indeed the case.

“As always, our libraries' staff are on hand to help customers with any issues they may have when using the library or its computer equipment."