The council are still totally ignoring the problems with the internet access at Westbury and the answer has now become obvious - with the budget cuts being blamed as usual - Westbury library is in danger of closure. The problems have been going on for over 18 months and the council response is to put out false statements and ignore reports. I met with the councillor who deals with `library problems` - his response: “Can’t I go to Warminster instead.” My response to that is no I can’t and why should I when we have a library in my home town.
This council have the destruction of the town of Westbury in its sights. If you think I am exaggerating look at the evidence - traffic congestion in the town is increasing, the health clinic can’t cope and that’s without the increase of patients that will come from yet another 300 houses given the go-ahead, the police are practically non-existent and pretty useless if you call them, the schools are also struggling with the ever-growing pupil growth, the hospital (which the people of Westbury paid for - evidence of which the council claim to have ‘lost’) was closed and is now standing empty.
Listed buildings in Westbury are being left to crumble (the old sweet shop in West End, Lopes Arms in the Market Place etc). What’s the betting that the council will wait for these to fall into such a bad state that they will be demolished and more of our town’s history will disappear.
The council will treat Westbury House (the library) as they did the Oak Inn which used to stand proud in Warminster Road. Don`t ever forget how they treated that building - the council refused to allow this building to be listed and protected so they could demolish it and get money for it. This council has completely lost the plot and has absolutely no shame. No doubt the council will try to dismiss my views but the evidence speaks for itself and proves what a useless bunch Wiltshire Council are.
Ms Stroud
The Mews