YOUNG people at the Prince's Trust raised than £500 and then spent two weeks completing the new heritage area at Trowbridge Town Hall.

Before the room had its makeover by the 13 volunteers, aged 16-25, it was a storage space and was the access point to the lift in the building.

But in the last fortnight, the team managed to raise £500, gave the room a fresh coat of paint, a good tidy up and then created a timeline of the town hall and what is was used for over the years, on said wall.

Prince's Trust team manager Craig Enderby was delighted with the group's efforts and said this would put them in good stead for finding jobs, apprenticeships or other qualifications.

"I am so proud of the team, they have done a spectacular job and councillors and council staff have said as much too - this is great for helping them go forward in the future," he said.

"They are doing a 12-week employment course and two of that is volunteering. We are based at the town hall and they decided that they would do this and I am glad they did as it looks fantastic.

"Together they did quite a lot of research, went to the museum for information and made the place look much nicer. They used the £500 to buy the materials to put this together and it really has paid off."