A YOUNG entrepreneur is cashing in on the current trend for playing vinyl records.

Kai Jensen, 10, from Middle Rank, Bradford on Avon, has set up a stall on the town's Saturday market in Lamb Yard.

Selling new and second hand vinyl records sourced from a store in Frome, and guitar plectrum holders, he has so far made a £119 profit after expenses.

His mum, yoga trainer and teacher, Sasha Jensen, said Kai got interested in vinyl after being bought a record player.

With encouragement from Sasha, and his father, Troy Jensen, a business psychologist, he set up KJ Records and acquired a street trader's licence.

Kai said: "We went into the HMV store in Bath to buy some CDs and saw the record player.

"Mum was going to buy it for my Dad but I thought I'd like to try it, so she bought it for me instead."

After playing some old vinyl records, Kai decided he wanted to sell them himself, using stock supplied by Richard Graveyard of Raves from the Grave in Frome.

He and his parents, and elder brother Misha, toured music shops and record stores in Bath, Frome and Stroud to see what they were selling.

Kai settled on retailing new and second hand vinyl and the plectrum holders, which he has designed and made himself.

For the past five weeks, he has run the stall on the Saturday market in Lamb Yard from 9.30am to 3pm.

He will be there again when Bradford on Avon switches on its Christmas lights display on Tuesday evening, and for the next four Saturdays up to December 16.

He says: "It's much better than downloading music from Spotify or clicking a button on a mobile phone.

"With vinyl you can actually look through your box of records and hold the music that you like."

Kai , who prefers to listen to rock music, says his best sellers are the old records by bands such as ZZ Top.

"I sold one of their albums, Eliminator, and then got another one and sold that one too. I'm going for bands that I think people might like."