I WAS interested to read of the concerns of Castle Mead residents regarding the upkeep of their public open spaces. Whilst these houses are not in my Wiltshire Council division (I believe Steve Oldrieve is their elected representative) they might have another surprise in store. Who maintains their roads?
I ask as, very often now, the road system on new developments is not adopted by Wiltshire Council and the local residents have to bear that cost too.
Many people seem not to realise their possible liabilities when they buy a new house and the government seems reticent to take action. 
Of course, the Tory grandees at County Hall stay silent as it reduces the liability of Wiltshire Council for maintenance but the residents still have to pay full council tax with their private service charge on top of that – a charge over which they have no real control and which, after a short time, could increase considerably.
I would be surprised if this type of thing does not become the next mis-selling scandal to dent the ‘reputation’ of the large house building companies.
On a totally different topic, may I congratulate Cllr Plummer of Bradford on Avon Town Council for deciding to become an Independent.
Ernie Clark
Wiltshire Councillor for Hilperton Division
Independent Group leader, Wiltshire Council