THE father of English Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer, once said, ‘All good things must come to an end’.

That proverb could equally be applied to describe the Westbury and District League of Friends, who raised more than £1.5m towards the town’s old community hospital and other charitable causes over its 60-year history.

Those contributions put in hospital beds, helped build a stroke unit at the Westbury hospital, which closed in 2012, and brighten up the faces of many for their efforts.

And although the league eventually did fold in December over a trustee shortage, its former chairman Erica Watson was extremely proud of what the many helpers had done for others over the decades.

“I have been part of the league for more than 20 years and it has been a real honour to play a part and helping others, we can all be very proud,” said Mrs Watson, who worked in the NHS for 50 years herself.

“Some of my highlights include seeing the expressions on the faces of children when we raise money for them. People still benefit from the generosity of Westbury residents as donations that have been made went to many hospitals.”

When the league was going strong, 16 trustees would meet every two months to talk about projects and they would also have a Christmas do.

“It is a shame that it is over but we can end on a high at our final get together in April/May time - we still have funds to donate too,” she said.