A TROWBRIDGE man who breached a restraining order banning him from contacting a former EastEnders actress has been put on a hospital order.

Benjamin Brooke, of Newhurst Park, was put on a suspended sentence in August 2015 after he admitted harassing the actress.

But in October and November last year the 47-year-old again made contact with her through her friends and colleagues.

Now a judge has ordered he receive treatment after hearing he is suffering from a mental illness.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court said he sent correspondence to the woman in contravention of the order.

"Mr Brooke has suffered from a fixation about the victim in this case: was convinced they had in some way wrong him many years ago," she said.

"Despite being subject to a restraining order he sent letters during October of last year to a number of people who were associates or colleagues of the victim.

"The person became aware of the letters which had been sent by special delivery. Following up the letters and watching CCTV officers were able to identify Brooke."

When he was questioned by police Miss Hingston said that he accepted he had been mistaken about his grievance against the victim.

Brooke pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching a restraining order.

As well as the conviction against the same victim he had another for sending a malicious communication to Claire Perry, who was his MP when he lived in Devizes.

Mike Jeary, defending, said his client now accepted that he was wrong and would stop contacting the victim.

Passing sentence Judge Robert Pawson said it was clear he had been suffering from a delusional disorder.

He said "You have pleaded guilty to two serious offences and you were in breach , I think, of a suspended sentence at the time.

"However I have read the two medical reports, prepared by psychiatrists registered under the Mental Health Act, relating to you.

"It is clear from these you are not to be treated as a criminal at this stage. Each of them concludes that you are suffering from a mental health disorder.

"Secondly it is of a degree and order that you should be treated in hospital, and that the treatment is available,"

He imposed a hospital order where he will be treated at a low secure mental unit to receive treatment for his problems.