CROP circles enthusiasts in Wiltshire have been overwhelmed by this year's harvest of unexplained activity.

A well-timed crop circle conference has been organised for this weekend, which will give visitors the opportunity to view some of the designs that have cropped up across the county.

Francine Blake said: "We have had a fantastic year. It is beautiful. They have come up all over Wiltshire. We've had 25 so far and they are quite brilliant. "

The county is notorious for hosting the designs, and while it is a nuisance for farmers, Wiltshire is proving to be a top destination for crop circle spotting.

This weekend's conference starting on Saturday at Marlborough College will include two-days of lectures, films and workshops, as well as helicopter flights on Monday.

There are ten speakers in the line-up including many authors and experts in the field of crop circle investigation. Janet Ossembard, a researcher from Holland has been brought in to replace author Sylvia Franke.

Bert Janssen will be replacing Allan Brown to discuss the geometry of crop circles. Tickets cost ££90 per person or £55 per day. For more details go online to or call 01380 739966.